Subtly Spying on a Hot Girl – Fapé in the Café Ep01

Dũng Phan 10/03/2021
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Subtly Spying on a Hot Girl – Fapé in the Café Ep01


The guys think they are subtly checking out a hot girl who walked into a cafe…


Aunty Donna are:
Tom Armstrong
Mark Samual Bonanno
Broden Kelly
Sam Lingham
Max Miller
Zachary Ruane


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  2. Putting the dope in dopamine.

  3. Broden Kelly

  4. She ain’t all that

  5. This is very accurate

  6. who is the 4th guy? Why isn't he a part of Aunty Donna anymore?

  7. The way that zach didn’t even turn his head enough to see her

  8. I often wonder, what if Adrian had stayed?

  9. This is the video that introduced me to the boys

  10. This is genuinely how I feel sometimes

  11. I laughed at the part where they would take exaggeratedly-short looks.

  12. In all fairness to them, that woman is incredibly beautiful

  13. 3.5 per cent, these were the days

  14. That's no hot girl

    That's just one of the boys!

  15. Sad, but just so true of us guys!

  16. This isn't even a sketch this is just exactly what it's like.

  17. I have to look it! I have to look it!

  18. broden menacingly standing in the background with his shirt up

  19. Who the girl tho

  20. Looks like it's the latte hattay…

  21. What do you mean an incomprehensibly beautiful walked in, Zach was there the whole time.

  22. Too good

  23. Oh man, Zach got fat

  24. Broden standing on the chair with his shirt up just starring is the most Alpha thing I've ever seen.

  25. Haha Broden’s tum

  26. This is so creepy

  27. this one is only for the boys

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  29. Loving the Blackhawks hat

  30. The first Aunty Donna video I ever saw. Still as funny as the day I saw it.

  31. I’ve done 1:56 quite a few times

  32. It’s a great track, is it Portishead?

  33. 2:15 batman belt

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    Or listen to the album here:

  35. Wow…who is she??

  36. Oh man, comedy gold. One of the best skits I've ever seen. Going in my laugh archive for whenever I feel suicidal.

  37. Who left their keys in the door?

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