ROOM TRANSFORMATION 🍄🕷🐸🦋 | hot girl vintage witch cottage themed (+ aEsThEtiC bedroom tour 2021)

Dũng Phan 29/07/2021
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ROOM TRANSFORMATION 🍄🕷🐸🦋 | hot girl vintage witch cottage themed (+ aEsThEtiC bedroom tour 2021)

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THIS ROOM MAKEOVER / TRANSFORMATION / REVAMP TOOK SO LONG HUNNY BUT I HAVE NEVER BEEN MORE EXCITED TO POST A VIDEO IN A LONG TIME!!!!! okay im so happy with how the room looks and will probs update it every now and then hehheheh bUT I HOPE YALL ENJOY MY HARD WORK ON THIS ROOM HASHSAHHSAH a lot of people have been requesting a bedroom tour and i never got to do it cos i did not like how it looked LMAOOO anyway mwa mwa mwa thank u for supporting me cos i couldnt have done it without the money yall give me HASHHSAHSAHSAHASH

Links!!! (if it’s not linked here that probs means i just had it on-hand like a present or something but feel free to comment in case i missed smth!!)
1. miniso website:
2. anja kotar spotify:
3. hiraya pilipina:
– website
– Shopee
4. antiquities:
5. wallpaper glue:
6. wallpaper rice glue:
7. spray paint:
8. sticky hooks:
9. crescent moon shelf:
10. desk:
11. plain white wallpaper:
12. floral wallpaper:
13. cup knobs:
14. green chair: it disappeared im so sorry
15. elephant watering can:
16. tiktok lights:
17. wifi extension for tiktok lights:
18. round wood canvas thing:
19. candle lighter:
20. mirror that lights up: facebook marketplace lol
*I also forgot to mention in the video, since so many people are asking, unfortunately, i have no idea where my wallpaper came from. when we moved into this house the wallpaper was already there but there are TONS of adhesive wallpaper online that you can find XDD sorry mwa mwa*

0:00 hello
3:34 Before
4:34 Mini haul
9:27 Wallpaper
11:06 Gallery wall
13:30 Study/Desk
17:28 Vanity
18:10 Final touches
19:22 Garage sale
21:16 The Reveal/Tour

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