OFF GRID SHOWER – Hot Girl Summer // DIY Shower House

Dũng Phan 31/07/2021
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OFF GRID SHOWER – Hot Girl Summer // DIY Shower House

Bringing our hot girl summer to the next level by building our own off grid shower house!

0:00 – Who’s in my shower?
0:56 – Start here
4:29 – Shower spine is up
05:33 – Lift with your back
06:28 – Attaching the metal
08:25 – Compost Toilet!
09:59 – We have a shower!
11:08 – Landscaping hot summer
12:45 – PLZ don’t get hurt
16:14 – Best part of the video

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Nature’s Head Composting Toilet:
Silky Saw:
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Drink Frother tool:
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My music is from Epidemic Sound!

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