My Simple Workout for a Hot Girl Summer Bod

Dũng Phan 30/07/2021
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My Simple Workout for a Hot Girl Summer Bod

#ad Hot girl summer means healthy girl summer because there’s really nothing hotter than health! 😉 Thanks to Vanity Planet for sponsoring this video. Get over 50% off the Formfit+ Smart Scale here: with code: AHFIT50
Weights –
Yoga Mat –
Sports Bra –
Athletic Leggings –
Jump Rope –
Pilates Ring –
Windrunner Jacket –
Mesh Top –

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1 thruster
10 squats
2 thrusters
10 shoulder presses
3 thrusters
10 lateral raises
4 thrusters
10 front raisers
5 thrusters
10 back flys
6 thrusters
10 single leg toe touch
7 thrusters
10 reverse lunges
8 thrusters
10 tricep extensions
9 thrusters
10 plank rows
10 thrusters


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