my greek hot girl summer | athens, beach resot and saloniki 🇬🇷🍸☀️

Dũng Phan 11/08/2021
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my greek hot girl summer | athens, beach resot and saloniki 🇬🇷🍸☀️

the sea, the vegan food, the ocean, the language, the fruit & THE VIBES…honestly what is there not to love

in case you haven’t noticed already, i developed an obsession with greece (& greek language) and i’m sure i will return there many times in the future (might even escape there for a year and live my best eternal-hot-girl-summer life)

p.s. this may just be the vlog that i spent most time editing (hours and HOURS on end) – i always hope that it shows as editing (as exhausting as it can be) is truly one of the most fun parts about making youtube videos


thank yall so much for all the support and lovely comments!! 🥺 it really means the world to me & i hope you’ll decide to stick around 🐛🦋

💌 business inquiries: [email protected]


🎵 music:

frumhere – your ex’s ex –
Nathanie – Bliss –
Mr. Thibs – Long Way Home –
Ping Pong Club – Venetian Blinds –
Nathanie – Who Do I Call? –
Ashes to Amber – Arizona Thunder –


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