Hot Girl Summer WORKOUT CLASS is in SESSION | Ravon Tries Hot Summer Jobs | AwesomenessTV

Dũng Phan 31/07/2021
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Hot Girl Summer WORKOUT CLASS is in SESSION | Ravon Tries Hot Summer Jobs | AwesomenessTV

Ravon and his crew are TAKING OVER the Country Club’s gym and becoming personal trainers for the day 💪😩 Watch as they teach you how to get hot girl summer fit, or at the very least, you’ll learn how to take the perfect gym thirst traps 🔥 Ravon Tries Hot Summer Jobs new episode on Fridays at 7AM PST / 10AM EST on the AwesomenessTV YouTube channel!

This summer, Ravon & his friends Mario Selman, Emely Hernandez, Santea, and Julie Sofia are kicking off their shoes at COUNTRY CLUB RAVON! They will try their hand at a series of summer jobs they’re not qualified for to create a 5-star experience for the resort guests…but they are going to do it their way. PERIOD 👏

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→Talent Credits ←
Ravon (@RAVON) – @ravon @ravonslyfeeee
Mario Selman (@Mario Selman) – @marioselman
Emely Hernandez (@Really Emely) – @reallyemely
Santea (@Santea) – @santea_
Julie Sofia (@Julie sofiaa) – @juliesofiaa

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Hot Girl Summer WORKOUT CLASS is in SESSION | Ravon Tries Hot Summer Jobs | AwesomenessTV


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