Hot Girl Reviews Hot Foods – Hottest hot sauce in the world!!!

Dũng Phan 11/03/2021
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Hot Girl Reviews Hot Foods – Hottest hot sauce in the world!!!

We got this idea frrom a buzzfeed video and you won’t believe Brittney’s reaction! #hotsaucechallenge #coupleschallenges watch buzzfeed’s video here: …


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  1. Hi,Next time your mouth is on fire, just have a glass of milk. It'll stop the burn

  2. Ahh I feel for Oleg and terra there poor tongues

  3. wouah brittney your a monster wow

  4. Why do torture on your salfs

  5. Get rid of the annoying guy

  6. drink milk it helps with hot food

  7. Wow she is insanly hot

  8. I want to know where the damn chicken is from!?!

  9. Please reaction in indian food

  10. You guys could shit lava with that much spicy

  11. Team Britt – love it when girls can take hot foods !

  12. Omg my fav candy of all time Hot Tamales

  13. My wife can take spicy more than me also I always say she’s Mexican even tho she’s not lol ,she’s Puerto Rican

  14. I love hot peppers too

  15. hot cheetos! we dont have hot fries in greece 🙁

  16. there are many couple vlog in youtube but i think this family is so natural and calm, i like this channel

  17. whetes thebhit girl??

  18. Not gonna lie I only watch these videos because of his sexy girlfriend 😋 sad I know Haha

  19. Damn Terra look so mature for her ag❤❤❤

  20. Shes a fucking champ this is the best video on out stuff ever because eits her of course lol

  21. When oleg says "forget about the hot guy" I lost it hahahaha😂😂

    #teambrittney #teamterra so brave ❤️❤️

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