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Dũng Phan 10/03/2021
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Free Movie | Bollywood Love | I Met With An Accident


Karma is the idea you get what you deserve. Benedict deserved everything he got.
Filmed in Calcutta, India, this documentary tells the story of Benedict Das. He was a member of India’s working-class. He had a respected job at a five-star hotel and aspirations in the local communist party.

Against his family and cultural traditions of arranged marriages young Benedict met and fell in love with Celine. Despite his love for her, his need for power and control caused him to mistreat those around him, including physically and verbally abusing Celine and their children. But deep down inside what he really wanted was just respect.

“I met with an accident,” is how Benedict describes the horrific events of December 1. Late at night, the bus on which Benedict was traveling crashed. At the hospital, the injuries were so severe that the doctors insisted on amputating both his legs.

Severely crippled, he is now an out-cast of society. Benedict has endured the abandonment of his employers and his political associates, fell into financial ruin, and even his own brothers deserted him in his time of greatest need.

Only Celine’s love and dedication remained.

Four years and eighteen surgeries later, Benedict will soon be walking on his own two feet. But the real story isn’t the miracle of his legs; it’s the miracle of his heart. “I Met with an Accident” is the heart-wrenching story of the rise and fall of Benedict Das.

Best Documentary – Sunscreen Film Festival
Official Selection – DOCUTAH Film Festival
Official Selection – Indian International Film Festival


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