blackbear – hot girl bummer (Lyric)

Dũng Phan 11/03/2021
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blackbear – hot girl bummer (Lyric)

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48 bình luận

  2. Blackbear is trash compared to Mac Miller

  3. My "let it all out" song

  4. i heard this on the radio!!! finally they're adding more current music

  5. Me: 🙁



    Him:are you okay

    Me:I guesses

  6. This makes me want to go up to people that are jerks and tell them who’s boss

  7. At 2:32 does anyone else think about Jason Nash?

  8. I like

  9. What a shitter lol

  10. I love this song. SO COOL!!

  11. 0:01 oh okay then

  12. im obsessed

  13. No one:

    Literally no one:

    Srsly NOBODY:

    Not even Casper the friendly ghost!!:

    Me after singing this song: nicki Minaj meme ha he ha ah he eh ha ah he ah ha

  14. Anyone else wear headphones while listening to this song and it’s makes you walk on beat ☀️🥵

  15. Lol me when I see Alexandria

  16. When you're mom and you're friends mom hates each other

    My mom} 1:00

  17. this song reminds me of win i cut out all the toxic people in my life.

  18. that "hook up with someone random" hit diff


  20. Bakugo probably listen to this song everyday

  21. I need this

  22. Fave song ever. 10/10

  23. BEANOS

  24. Everyone sayin how he need to breathe,he says he superhuman he don’t need to breathe ma dudes

  25. me on a monday: FuCk YoU aNd YoUuUuU

  26. i wana trow a party now bc of this song and invite my friends and friends that are boys and girls

  27. this reminds me of my Exs friends her

  28. When you try to sing it but you need to

  29. this song explains me

  30. The background…it’s that from a tv lol

  31. same tho


  33. i like how you say "thicc"

  34. GO CRAZY ahhhh GO STUPID ahhh

  35. People in the comments follow me on TikTok @good_vibez2008

  36. Me in my school "fu** you and u and YoU 🙂 "

  37. school vibesssss

  38. y'all don't hear his mini breaths he takes in when he says "fuck you, and you, and youuuu" he is breathing in he just does it very quietly to make it sound better lol

  39. you know these amazing songs that just sound good from start till end? this is one of them.

  40. HoT giRL BuMMeR

  41. Does he even Breath?

  42. I love this song, here jamming so damn hard!

  43. me clicking on this cause im curious to what this song sounds like:

    right off the bat: fUCK yOu, aND yOU, aND yOUU

    …………………..well okay fuck, damn i get it i hate me too okay shit

  44. 0:37 and 1:00 are me and my friends at school

  45. This song makes me wanna just walk down the school hall acting like the baddest b

    R e m o v e d E D I T l o l

  46. don’t let the tik tok kids know

  47. Blackbear…my dude…


  48. my mood when i wake up ehhh

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