Best Beaches in Florida | Treasure Island | Non-stop Party & Hot Girls

Dũng Phan 11/08/2021
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Best Beaches in Florida | Treasure Island | Non-stop Party & Hot Girls

Caddy’s on the Beach is located on the beautiful Sunset Beach, Treasure Island, Florida. This private beach is overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. Best known for its daily live music, famous BBQ and local hangout, Caddy’s features all kinds of fun for sun lovers – from volleyball to beer specials. Guests can dip their toes in the soft sand as they enjoy their favorite food and drinks on beach front tables. You can catch breathtaking sunsets from the deck, where spectacular views of the shore are always on tap. Daily live music keeps the atmosphere hoppin’. Open seven days a week, this is a non-stop party day and night.

Caddy’s on the Beach is a part of the “No Straw” movement to help protect our beaches.

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